dimanche 19 mars 2017


For the Banners, which will hang three deep on the wall at White Cube next month, Gilbert and George have written their own ten commandments. “Fuck Him”, “Make cunnilingus compulsory” and “Fellatio for all” are among their edicts for 2015. The artists have also repeated phrases they have used in their work for several years, such as “Fuck the teachers”, “Ban religion” and “Decriminalise sex”.

The new works are also a form of protest, testament to Gilbert and George's vehement secularism. “Religion has done so much damage to people and still is. The wars that are going on all over the world are religious wars,” they say. “We still have bishops in the House of Lords—bishops held up the abolition of slavery by 30 years.” In characteristic contrariness, however, Gilbert and George say the banners are “pro, not against, even the one that says ‘Ban religion’”.

Banner par Gilbert and George. White Cube. 2015

Source : theartnewspaper.com

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